The Yazidi Sufis


Tears flow through your beautiful sad eyes,
As your desert mountainous earth is shelled with fire,
And your beloved children are slaughtered,
In the name of Allah, most kind, most merciful.

Shall a deep cry escaping from your soul?
Wake the god who sleeps much too soundly,
While your untainted children are murdered,
And the charming women raped beyond their souls.

Once a land of peace, blessed with plenty,
Now, one hears tormented wails and cries,
Of those who mourn the dead, the living,
Their hearts torn out of their bodies and minds.

And the men, who were once strong and brave,
Were killed by this extremely shameful hellfire,
Sent by the hands of some repulsive hideous demons,
The misguided, who mistakenly call themselves soldiers of Allah.

O Great Allah, most kind, most merciful,
I beseech thee, wake up to end this Massacre,
Have pity on thy hapless vulnerable sons & daughters,
Needlessly who die, in thy venerated holy name.

When will this appalling Genocide end?
For the people who pray to this Angel,
Will that Angel be the savior of his people,
Shall peace ever reign your glorious land?

Are the Angel and God at war?
Each conquering this unified empire,
Forming many bloodied domains—divided,
Shattered, in the blindness of this blight.

I hear the sound of the shells and mortars,
The broken sounds of the victimized dying,
An innocent river of warm blood flowing,
Screams breaking the stillness of the night.

Moreover, the rest of voyeuristic humankind watches,
As this gory drama unfolds in the remote horizon,
While celebrating their egocentric confined selfish lives,
Along with the death of their near, yet distant—soulkind.

Always why must the peace loving folk die?
While the wolves form into very savage packs,
Causing destruction, death and demise,
O Great Allah, most kind, most merciful.



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