The Realizations of a Spiritual Aspirant


When a spiritual aspirant in earnest sets out on the spiritual path, essentially there is a quest for transformation and knowledge. The person realizes that there is an inner being within that is demanding a deeper understanding of what is within and beyond. Often this calling is so strong that it is impossible to ignore or stifle it. It will often compel a person to abandon or change their life style in search of the unknown. In a certain sense, it is an ultimate gamble seeking self-realization, enlightenment, liberation and God. And whatever surety does one have of finding God. Yet, there is this inner compulsion much like love, very illogical yet divine.
As the sadhak wander on this unfamiliar and somewhat unsure path, over some time the sadhak or serious spiritual aspirant reaches some conclusions and realizations. This write up is not just an article written for the sake of knowledge but a deep realization over time that any aspirant with a serious desire to progress spiritually should reflect and meditate upon. These realizations and conclusions I reached for myself as well as have gathered by talking to many perfected and not so perfected spiritual people are as follows:

  1. That the whole world is transient and ever changing. That pleasures are temporary and can ultimately lead to pain.
  2. That there are deeper truths of life that I need to realize.
  3. That now in this birth I have somehow reached awareness of the spiritual so I must become self realized. I must put all my time and effort towards this goal.
  4. That since I cannot change the world I must change myself.
  5. As I looked out into the world to see its negatives, instead, I realized that I have many negatives within me too.
  6. That I need change, and I must remove these negative traits and habits to form positive ones. That I have to transform myself from this fragile, weak person to a stronger person.
  7. That before this life, there were many lives. That after this life there can be many lives too.
  8. That in past lives too, I had earned enormous wealth and reputation, that in this life too I can earn wealth and reputation, but neither in the past lives nor in this life will this physical wealth and reputation carry forward to the next. That the only things that will carry forward are the spiritual impressions and energy gathered, as well as, the knowledge that I possess.
  9. That in this life I must make every effort that will ensure that I am not reborn again into this transient world trapped by my own deeds in this endless cycle of re-birth and repeated death.
  10. There comes a realization that every deed that we do whether physical, vocal or mental will affect our destiny and our life. Hence every deed that we do must be chosen with care so that it takes us closer to enlightenment and liberation.
  11. That we are the makers of our destiny by the deeds that we chose to perform.
  12. That every step I take, must take me toward light.
  13. That as every moment passes I move nearer to my death; that death awaits with its open jaws ready to swallow me. So I must use every minute of my time to work for enlightenment and liberation.
  14. That, this path I now walk, is the path on the razor's edge of a sword engulfed in flames. That, this path is only for the very brave and courageous.
  15. That even if I was to not succeed completely, yet I would continue to walk this path in the next life.
  16. That whatever are the risks, the pain and the hardships, however, the final goal and achievement is a far greater treasure than the problems I now have to face and endure.
  17. That this path is a path of truth, higher values and principles, justice, joy, higher consciousness and glory.
  18. That enlightenment and liberation will grant me eternal life and joy and this goal must be pursued relentlessly with complete faith and dedication.

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