Swami Muktanand’s Quotes

  1. God said knock on my door and I will answer, but God did not say how many times to knock. So keep knocking on his door till he opens it. (Keep knocking means, continuously keep doing spiritual practices till you become enlightened).
  2. If we own a farmhouse where there is no water and we want to drink water. We decide to dig a well. Suppose we dig 20 feet in one place then abandon, then dig 10 feet in another place then again abandon, and then dig 15 feet in a third place and again abandon, and then 25 feet in a fourth place and abandon, and so on. Soon our field will be full of holes but there will still be no water. To have water we must dig in one place. Therefore when we practice spiritual techniques we have to be patient and continue to keep practicing a certain set of techniques. Jumping from one teacher to another, from one system to another will not give us success. First decide what you wish to practice. Then systematically and continuously practice to be successful.
  3. Thank You for throwing all these stones at me, they are helping me build my stairway to enlightenment. (Swami Shukdevanand).
  4. If you have to give somebody something, do it with grace, give it like you really mean to give it, without any fuss, with love and give the best.
  5. Hard work, continuous practice and humility are among the main reasons for attaining success.
  6. If one directs the mind to sensual objects, the mind starts longing for these objects. This longing becomes desire and desire becomes lust. Since all desires cannot be satisfied, this lust turns to anger, and anger in turn clouds the intellect, which in turn further feeds this fire of lust. Thus anger and lust combined lead to wrong doings and wrong action and ultimately to the downfall of the human. Control your mind.
  7. Freedom of will does not mean absolute freedom, instead it means responsible and wise choices. The kind of freedom of choice that will uplift you, increase your consciousness and that of society too. If this does not happen, it means that this is not freedom of choice. Instead, it is a giving in to the desires that now control you. Freedom of will is control over one's mind and desires. Yog is control over one's mind and over the desires. Let not you be the servant of your mind and desires, but instead make your mind your obedient servant.
  8. As you walk on the spiritual path, you must remember that it doesn’t matter how high the spiritual mountain is, you are on it and it is under you.
  9. If during this arduous climb, you fall, however hurt you may be, pick yourself up with determination, start climbing again, you will be successful.
  10. Learn to develop the attitude of a Seer(a drishta), as though you are an observer watching the world and its unfolding drama from afar.
  11. Till one’s mind has importance for objects of the world, he will never be able to realize the self. Only by complete unattachment (Vairagya) to desires and objects of the world will one be able to achieve self-realization.
  12. While one has value & need for lower objects, higher values cannot be realized.
  13. Remove the attachment from this small individuated ‘i’ and connect to the larger superconscious transcendental ‘I’.
  14. Remove your consciousness from this world and rest it in pure consciousness instead.
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