The Philosophy of Swami Muktanand Puri

Spirituality is the realization of universal oneness, love, beauty and bliss. There is only one spiritual tradition in the entire world, the tradition that helps one to evolve, to expand one’s consciousness, to achieve higher consciousness, to achieve perfection and divinity. True Spirituality is beyond all forms, beyond race, religion, caste, creed and limited beliefs. The essence of spirituality is beyond the limitation of the human mind, and even beyond the realization of oneness.

Higher consciousness is the force that inspires all the very best in this world, the creative best, harmony, beauty, inner strength, peace, a bright vision of the future, etc.
Higher consciousness is the wholeness in the realization of all aspects of this cosmic egg and beyond -as the one being, the complete, infinite, eternal, perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and divine.
Higher consciousness is the understanding that this whole creation is waves of beauty and bliss, of love and compassion, of truth and light.

The Guru is the spiritual master, he is that force who helps to bring out the higher qualities of a disciple, transforming, molding them into divine beings. The Guru does not experiment with his disciples; he gives them time tested perfect practices that help them evolve spiritually, to realize themselves. The Guru is the universal donor of spiritual wisdom, knowledge and techniques.

A disciple cannot be created; the disciple comes seeking the truth, to realize one’s self; for that is the very need of his/her being. A good disciple means becoming the universal receiver of spiritual wisdom, knowledge and techniques.

Realization of the divine is more easily achieved by regular spiritual practice than through vocal expression and attempted mental understanding. Spiritual practice makes one transform, to realize and control the powers within and around.

The Human mind has infinite powers; one has to learn to connect to its source, to be one with our origin. All divinity is within one self; seek within to be perfect, to achieve harmony, bliss and peace.

The breath is a natural phenomenon in all living beings. People rarely notice it but the breath is ever present, monitoring the rhythms of life in a dance of unending play of the particles of life called prana, of consciousness. The breath is beyond the limitations of community, race or religion always acting to preserve life in a living being. A positive change in the breathing leads to a corresponding change in consciousness.

Ancient Spiritual Tradition has enormous strength. Ancient spiritual practices passed on through unbroken lineages of the chain of Guru-disciple relationship uphold these ancient traditions.

Shri Vidya is the worship of the divine mother in the form of MahaTripurSundari or the Divine mother as the resplendent beauty of the three worlds. It is the path of Beauty, Bliss, Love, Knowledge, Self-realization, Asceticism, Non-attachment, Sacrifice, Prayer and Devotion.

Mantra is the condensed form of spiritual energy. Mantra is the effulgent seed of love and light given by the grace of the Guru that is the instrument for transforming consciousness. It is the power to connect with the divine, to become divine.

Spiritual Practice has to be constant—day after day, month after month, year after year.  Constant practice along with all other spiritual qualities leads one to perfection.

Divinity is the knowledge of real self, of that unchanging eternal being, of the development of compassion for all beings.                             

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