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The seventh form of the divine mother is known as Kalratri. Kalratri literally translates as Kal meaning time or eternality and ratri means night. Hence kalratri means the night of time. In an absolute sense the Jiva or the individual soul has lost his identity by considering himself as limited. This too is the power of the divine mother maya shakti that hides the infinite and projects the finite. Hence the Jiva is caught in the jaws of time and forgets that he is eternal, thereby letting himself continuously travel through the cycle of birth and death. In the limited form, Kali is time, in her complete form, she is eternality.

In a part of the Devi Mahatmyam is narrated the story of the fight between the demon Raktbij and the Divine mother. From the divine mother emanates the form Chamunda or Kali or Kalratri. When the demon Raktbij was attacked, and he bled, his blood would fall to the earth, and another army of fresh Raktbij demons would be born. So the divine mother asks Chamunda to drink the blood of the demon so that he cannot multiply. And Chamunda attacks him and drinks his blood till the demon dies entirely. The demon actually represents our desire based karmas or deeds. One deed has a way of creating a fresh cycle of cause and effect and a continuing deed and effect. The idea is to stop all deeds that hold us from liberation so that we may be free from the cycle of birth and death to become eternal. Never to be born again and never to die repeatedly.

The form of worship of this goddess also cancels the negative effects of Shani Dev or Saturn in a horoscope according to the Hindu system. Here the divine mother has a terrifying form, is seated on a horse with open hair, holding different weapons in three hands and a skull to collect blood in the fourth. Though her form is terrifying yet she is kind and she gives good fortune and good health to her devotees. Her mantras are:


1. "Jayam tvam devi chamunde, jai bhutapharini

Jai sarvgate devi Kalratri namostute"

2. "Dehi soubhagyam arogyam dehi devi param sukham

Roopam dehi jayam dehi yasho dehi dvisho jahi"



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