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The third form of the goddess is Chandraghanta. In the scriptures the goddess is said to have slayed the demons with a force than equals to the piercing sound of the bell. On her forehead the goddess is said to sport the half moon which is almost in the shape of the bell. She is of a golden complexion having ten hands, her vehicle being the tiger. She is wearing a red sari with a crown and various jewels and ornaments. In one hand she holds the mala, with the second hand she blesses the aspirant. In the others she holds a Sword, a Bow, a Trident, a Mace, an Arrow, a Lotus, the ninth hand is held in a mudra of giving boons and in the tenth hand she holds the Kamandal and this form is known as Shivduti. The first five forms of the divine mother are all considered to be the power of Lord Shiv known as Shivduti (the word duti or dooti meaning ambassador or representative. Apara, Aparajita, Mahamaya, Avidya, Mohnisha, etc are all divinities that are an expression of her form. At the time of battle between the Goddess and the Demons, the Goddess took various forms to fight the demons. Then the demons said that you fight with us with many goddesses so the goddess made all her forms dissolve into her and then she obliterated the demons. One can read this in the Devi Bhagvad or the Durga Saptshati. Her mantra is

" Pindajapravararudha chandkopastraikaryuta.

Prasadam tanute mahyam chandraghanteti visruta".

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