Uses of Bhringraj

Health Benefits and Uses of Bhringraj


According to Ayurved there are three kinds of Bhringraj. These are according to the color of the flower, these being white, blue and yellow. Of these two varieties –the white and blue are Eclipta Alba while the yellow flower variety is Wedelia Calendula.  

  1. It improves digestion.
  2. Increases the appetite.
  3. It is bitter in taste and has a hot potency.
  4. It is a rejuvenator. Helps rejuvenate hair, skin, sight, hearing, memory, teeth, and bones.
  5. It is the main herb to reduce whitening of hair and long term use will even make the hair black again.
  6. It is also used to cure baldness.
  7. It darkens hair and even the skin somewhat.
  8. It helps treat Vitiligo.
  9. Bhringraj and Mehndi (Henna) are used as a paste applied on the scalp and hair to make hair black. Long term treatment will have permanent effect.
  10. Bhringraj oil is used to massage the scalp for making hair black again.
  11. Helps combat dandruff.
  12. Bhringraj oil also helps in reducing headache used externally.
  13. Bhringraj oil is used in depression, stiff neck, thyroid disorder, to improve eyesight and to cool the brain by using externally.
  14. Taken internally the herb removes disturbances of Kapha and Vata.
  15. Improves eyesight.
  16. Improves growth of hair.
  17. Improves skin complexion.
  18. Helps treat skin diseases and related problems.
  19. Helps treat skin allergies.
  20. It is an anti-hepatotoxic.
  21. Helps in Liver problems and in problems caused due to faulty functioning of liver such as enlarged liver, jaundice, cirrhosis, hepatitis, dizziness, etc,.
  22. It is an anti-inflammatory.
  23. Helps tone up the spleen and reduce enlarged spleen.
  24. Helps in hemorrhoids, piles.
  25. Helps resolve indigestion, stomach problems, etc.
  26. Helps in Anemia.
  27. It is an antioxidant.
  28. Treats cough and breathing problems (Asthma).
  29. Excess intake in high quantity may cause vomiting.
  30. Promotes better sleep.
  31. Used to prevent repeated miscarriage and abortion.
  32. Used to relieve post delivery pain.
  33. It helps reduce hyperacidity.
  34. Has the possibility of curing autoimmune diseases especially of the skin.
  35. Bhringraj seeds are considered as an Aphrodisiac.
  36. Neel (Blue) Bhringraj is an especially good rejuvenator.
  37. It has antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  38. Peet (Yellow) Bhringraj (Wedelia Calendula) has very good antibiotic properties and is used in the composition of AIDS (Antiretroviral) medication.

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