Seminars Offered

  1. Pranayam, (Breathing Exercises), Classical Pranayam, Omkar, Soham Kriyas, Chakra Kriyas:    4 modules- 12 Hours each-3hrs for 4 days.
  2. Meditation (Calming the mind) and Yoga Nidra (Special relaxation Techniques): 10 hrs- 2hrs for 5 days.
  3. Stress Management : The standard program is for 12 ½ hours, for 2 ½ hours each day for 5 days, however it can be modified depending on the need of the person or group.
  4. Healing through Mantras: 2 modules each containing 4 mantras including one protective mantra in each. 2hrs each and can be done together as one module. Includes introductory lecture.
  5. Vegetarian Cookery: Indian (Vedic/Traditional) Cookery, Selecting the right food, Recipes for dishes, Understanding Spices, What food to eat during Fasts?  Prayers (Mantras) before Meals.
  6. Swar Yog (Control on Breathing Rhythms): 2 Modules. Each module is for 8 hrs. 2 hrs for 4 days.
  7. Protective Mantras: 3 mantras; 1hr ( These are separate from the ones in the Healing Seminar).
  8. Program of Mantras and Mantra initiation. The first mantra practice is for 5 months. The entire program upto medium level is for 3-5 years.
  9. Lectures on Bhagvad Gita, Guru Gita, Vivekchudamani, Vairagya Shatakam, Yoga Sutras and discussions on practices and philosophy.
  10. How to do Pooja?   Panchopchar Pooja, Dashopchar Pooja, Shodashopchar Pooja.
  11. How to do Havan (Fire Ceremony)?

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