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Benefits of Ganesh Mantra


According to the Hindu tradition, Lord Ganesh is to be worshipped first. (For a detailed explanation see the article on Ganesh). In keeping with the tradition, usually the first mantra that I initiate my students (aspirants) into is the Ganesh Mantra. Over the years students (aspirants) have asked me the benefits of the Ganesh Mantra. Here is a list of benefits and effects that this mantra will give the sadhak (practitioner) upon regular practice.

  1. Regular practice of the mantra improves discipline.
  2. Change to a more spiritual lifestyle helps in reducing health issues.
  3. Removes all kinds of obstacles.
  4. Improves capacity to work.
  5. Makes the mind more stable and balanced.
  6. Makes the person calmer.
  7. Improves focus.
  8. Helps one relax more easily.
  9. Capacity to face and resolve problems and any disease is better.
  10. Improves studies.
  11. Helps prevent loss of money and any other material losses.
  12. Opens path for spiritual and material progress.
  13. Resolves problems and financial issues often in a very easy manner and with a financially cheap solution.
  14. Helps to accumulate money as well as spiritual merits.
  15. Protects against accidents.
  16. Reduces fear in the person.
  17. Helps in starting incomplete or stopped works.
  18. Incomplete works start getting resolved and concluded.
  19. Helps in achieving enhanced results of works being done.
  20. Prevents sudden and sharp shifts in life. Where ever these do happen, the mantra makes these changes smoother.
  21. Improves relationships.
  22. Reduces anxiety.
  23. Helps in managing sorrow and grief better.
  24. Causes an enormous perceptible positive impact on the personality.
  25. Reduces sharp reactions.
  26. Reduces worldly attachments (Both material and people).
  27. Gives a positive feeling of peace and happiness.
  28. Overall improvement in quality of life.
  29. Helps all other spiritual practices.
  30. Cleanses & purifies the mind.
  31. Helps all other mantras by providing a stable base and hence produces quicker positive results (and perfection) in accordance with the object of the mantra.
  32. Deepens the meditation.
  33. Gives the practitioner material and spiritual prosperity.

One of the other things that I have observed and wish to share is that one must be regular with any spiritual practice especially so with the mantra. Nobody says ‘I forgot to eat for three days or I have not had the time to visit the toilet to freshen myself in two-three days’. In the same way one must not say that they could not find the time to do their spiritual practice. This is merely an excuse, one that I do not accept at all. This world is full of distractions and one is always tempted towards them. However, the sadhak (aspirant) must be very very regular with the sadhana (spiritual practice). In fact, I would go so far as to say that even if the whole world is on fire, you continue with your sadhana (practice). Only with such a firm, dedicated and committed mind will you achieve success.

Also, with certain mantras when one starts the practice there can be some problems, sometimes negative sensations. All spiritual practices, especially mantra must be done under the guidance of an able master (Guru), someone who can control the mantra and the process, as well as guide one in all the proper aspects of the mantra practice. If at all, there are some problems, then one must ask the Guru instead of throwing away the practice. Often, despite having an able Guru, one can experience some body pain, some heaviness and some other reactions to the practice. One must understand that this is not a creation of the mantra but instead it is because of one’s own karma (deeds). It is not an external effect created by the mantra but due to the internal content of one’s mind. When one experiences any negative feelings then one must understand that the practitioner is getting away with their negative karma very cheaply with a little body pain instead of having to bear the full brunt of one’s past deeds. As the saying goes ‘No pain, no gain’. Problems keep arising; it is not the problems but one’s attitude to them that is vital in keeping ourselves happy. So one must learn to tackle all problems with a positive attitude without throwing away the practice, all the while being patient to let the mantra do its job. The process of purification is a very long one and the spiritual path a very tough path. Only the brave & courageous will battle with their own negativities, overcome them and benefit.

Om Tat Sat

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