The beauty of life in the world is bewitching. To live a life full of comforts and worldly fulfillments. Moments of sharing joy and happiness. The sorrows and challenges of mundane life. The tears and laughter. Each one of us seeks love and pleasure. Continuously we seek joy in this world to be disappointed.

Lost is love and joy in the world, for experience has taught us that the world has been unable to satisfy the thirst for fulfillment and completeness that we seek.

Joy eternal. A search incomplete.
To turn the back on the known.
To seek the unknown.
The search for permanent Joy and Bliss eternal.
Such a person becomes a Sadhu.

The term Sadhu means a gentleman. A person who seeks the higher meaning of life. A dedication to evolve at a more rapid pace. A search for the source of joy and love infinite. A divine intoxication. A divine madness.

A search for the being, the one who is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, eternal, complete, effulgent, permanent, infinite, the source of all.

Sadhus are mystics of the Hindu tradition.  They can also be termed as sannyasis or Hindu Monks. Some may not follow any specific path thus often termed as Mast. Spiritual people who arrive at a mystical destination without any specific methodology. Sometimes they may follow some method but yet the system is not accurate. Mostly a path of trial and error.

Others of the Brahmanical tradition follow a specific path as was laid down by the Rishis, the original Indian spiritual researchers. The term Brahman means he who has realized the eternal truth. The term also means the top most caste in the Hindu social structure, however today this is not important in most places but it may be significant in certain other places.

Almost all the Rishis left behind spiritual traditions and truths. Many of these were lost over the centuries. Some are preserved to this day by an ancient tradition of the Guru Disciple relationship. These form the ancient Hindu spiritual lineages.

To understand the infinite would be an expression of infinity for who but the infinite may understand the infinite. To understand a sage, a saint, a sannyasi, a sadhu is to wish to become infinite. To yourself walk on the path of love, bliss and knowledge.

Infinity is the limitless expanses of existence. Enlightenment is a realization, a constant feeling that this limitless expanse at all levels is united, that it is but a reflection of the being, the one who is permanent and infinite.

A quest for freedom from the endless cycle of rebirth and repeated death. Freedom from the bondage of karma. Such a quest is the path of the sannyasi, the sadhu.

Sadhu-a state of mind full of knowledge, good karmas, love, joy, bliss and compassion.

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