Mantra Yog

21 Facts about Mantra

  1. Mantra is a conscious vehicle and can be understood as a compressed prayer. It can also be understood as a unit of subtle energy. Each mantra invokes a specific energy much like different colors.
  2. Mantrayog is an ancient system of spirituality and is used in numerous traditions. They are passed on almost like heirloom seeds, from one generation to another, through spiritual lineages. Mantras and Mantrayog are a tried and tested method.
  3. Thousands of spiritual practitioners have become perfected through this method over the centuries.
  4. In Sanatan Dharm (Hinduism) it is the most popular method of spiritual practice with millions of practitioners.
  5. If the practitioner has a high subtle energy, when they repeat the mantra, they will feel it working, or the practitioner will immediately feel the effect.
  6. Apart from a feeling of energy, the practitioner may feel as though something is coming out from within. These are impurities. So the main function of the mantra is purification of he mind and adding more subtle energy to the subtle body. 
  7. This process of purification or the cleansing of the impurities can continue for many years depending on the quantum of impurities, the new impurities that one takes on, the intensity, consistency and regularity of practice.
  8. Repetition of mantra adds energy to the subtle body. So one often feels refreshed after repetition of mantra (Jaap). The process is relatively gentle compared to other systems; slowly one is purified, constantly absorbs this spiritual energy and is transformed.
  9. Though the mantra may start working without a spiritual master (Guru) yet it is always wise to receive it from a Guru.
  10.  When someone starts the mantra practice on one’s own the mantra may not work, or work partially, or in many cases cause ill effects especially if the mantra chosen belongs to an aggressive form of god (Devta or Devi), or depending on its use, etc.
  11. When one receives the mantra through the spiritual master (Guru), he has already practiced the mantra and fully understands the effects. The Guru will also control the mantra, the method and the spiritual energy thereby ensuring success in the endeavor.
  12. When one receives the mantra from the lineage and Guru, as a blessing some spiritual energy is passed on to the aspirant along with the blessings of the entire lineage which the aspirant can always feel with regular practice of the mantra.
  13. Numerous mantras especially if incorrectly done can cause enormous damage to the unprepared practitioner, so it is always good to take guidance and ensure that the practitioner is doing the practice correctly.
  14. If you are unable to get an initiation and decide to do a mantra on your own, please ensure that you choose a loving, compassionate and calm form of God (Devta or Devi). One can seek advice from other practitioners so that you do not harm yourself.
  15. Mantras have numerous classes and uses. There is always a spiritual and material component to each. Practice produces an effect on both these levels and at some other levels too.
  16. For most common persons numerous thoughts can keep rotating in the mind, especially negative thoughts. When one repeats the mantra, it causes the mind to replace these thoughts by the rotation of the mantra in the mind, thereby breaking this negative pattern to replace it with positive energy.
  17. According to spiritual texts, the practice of any spiritual technique is never lost; the benefits are accrued in this lifetime and in future lives.
  18. The Spiritual masters say that at the time of death & the onward journey, the mantra guides one through the process of death, as well as to a good new re-birth.
  19. At death, the mind receives a shock and the dominant thought surfaces in the mind. Regular repetition of mantra makes it the dominant thought which thereby dominates the mind and guides it at this difficult time.
  20. Regular, consistent and committed practice of mantra has the capability to take the aspirant to the stage of enlightenment.
  21. Mantra is the expression of divinity and regular practice of the right mantra makes one divine.
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