A Test on Are you a Spiritual Person? 68 Qualities

68 Traits of Spiritual persons


Do you have a spiritual bent of mind? Many individuals have a natural spiritual mind but often do not understand it. Here is a list of qualities that one may observe in persons with a spiritual bent of mind. This is however not a comprehensive list but just some often seen indicators. Spiritual people are often very sensitive people. The test is divided into 4 parts starting from the basic to the advanced.
To take the test to decide if you are spiritual person, a simple answer of yes or no will indicate you spiritual quotient. Count the yeses from 1-48. A Yes count of 29 indicates you have a strong spiritual bent, while 38 and over indicate you are strongly spiritual, however this does not mean things cannot change. While your lack of interest in spiritual matters may not let you develop your spiritual potential and vice-versa. Interest in spiritual matters, having a good spiritual teacher and regular practice of spiritual techniques may help you to develop fast spiritually. 

  1. As a child you may have memories of past lives or a past life.
  2. As a child you may have liked to visit spiritual places or places of prayer or meditate by yourself or do some other spiritual activity.
  3. As a child you may have enjoyed the presence of spiritual people.
  4. As a child your speech may have been more balanced and mature well beyond your years.
  5. As a child you were drawn to spiritual activities.
  6. As a child you may have had extra sensory perceptions.
  7. You may have been born with the ability to perform certain special yogic kriyas.
  8. You do not like violence and especially dislike horror movies.
  9. You are very sincere and honest in your relationships and work.
  10. You are often intuitive and can know what the other person needs or is thinking.
  11. You are softer and gentler in your ways, as well as better mannered.
  12. You are quite thorough with the details and often observe things in great detail.
  13. You have a tendency to observe the world at a much deeper level and will often question common things.
  14. You will often not share your deepest thoughts with people for fear of being ridiculed.
  15. You are sensitive to criticism. When criticized you will examine the criticism; if you find that you have made a mistake, you will accept it, make amends and try your best not to repeat it.
  16. When you have to decide something, you study it well and try to understand it deeply before reaching any decision.
  17. You try your best to uphold moral values.
  18. You are very compassionate and want to help others.
  19. You are often highly sensitive and can be touched or be in tears when you see someone else suffer or someone uphold a higher value, such as helping the poor and the sick.
  20. You find it very hard to tolerate injustice.
  21. You are often willing to stand up and fight for justice for yourself and others, especially for others.
  22. You are independent and do not like to be told what to do.
  23. You understand the concept and value of a spiritual master.
  24. Despite being emotional, yet you are balanced and maintain calm within.
  25. You are more contented with life than others and seek places of quiet. Often you spend or like to spend time alone.
  26. You are usually not motivated by money alone but instead by the task or the project itself.
  27. You may not have many friends or be very social.
  28. You feel you do not fit in with the rest of the crowd.
  29. You dislike loud noises and crowds.
  30. You usually have a hard time choosing a partner.
  31. Once you choose a partner you are faithful and look forward to having a lasting relationship.
  32. All kinds of mystical things interest you.
  33. You have an interest in a very large number of fields of different streams of knowledge.
  34. You enjoy the company of spiritual people.
  35. You like to explore and read spiritual or religious literature.
  36. You often get interested in things that are not main stream.
  37. You strive to cultivate higher values.
  38. You like meaningful pursuits.
  39. The circumstances of life automatically draw you towards the unusual and mystical.
  40. Sometimes or constantly you feel a vibration in your body.
  41. Sometimes you can hear a sound in your ear (not external) like the noise of a radio tuning. (Naad- unstruck sound)
  42. Sometimes you feel full of joy for no apparent reason.
  43. You may have realized or felt that happiness does not occur due to external factors.
  44.  Sometimes you know what will happen before it happen.
  45. Sometimes you get to know if someone close is thinking about you (Psychic experience).
  46. You may have had a paranormal experience or an unusual experience in a meditative state.
  47. You may have always felt that you are looking for something, something not in the material world, something to enrich yourself that is evading you, or a maybe a feeling that something is missing.
  48. You may have dreams of holy men, spiritual places, Gods and Saints, of events about to happen, of things about your related past that you did not know consciously.
    Your extra sensory perception is developed; sometimes your senses give you an experience of something that is not felt by others. There are six extra sensory powers, five for each of your senses and the sixth for your mind. These are Clairolfaction (Clairolfactory or Clairaliance), Clairtastition (Clair-taste or Clairgustance), Clairtactition, Clairvoyance, Clairaudition (Clairaudience), and Claircognizance (also called Clairsentience). They sometimes work on their own and we as individuals experience them. For example we use phrases like ‘It leaves a bad taste in the mouth’ or ‘Smells Wrong’. This is often our extrasensory perception working. Some people actually experience this distinctly. These powers only indicate a spiritual potential or in some cases a spiritual fulfillment, however one may have these powers and yet not be really spiritual. If you say yes to one or more from numbers 49-54 you have spiritual potential and a spiritual bent, however, depending on whether or not you actually do some serious spiritual practices will be the outcome of your spiritual development.
  49.  Sometimes you can smell something when there is no actual physical smell.
  50. Sometimes you can feel the taste of something in your mouth without actually eating something.
  51. Sometimes when you touch others you can understand what they are thinking or their state of mind or whether they have any sickness. You may even be able to heal people by touching.
  52. Sometimes you can see something with your eyes closed that comes true later or is actually happening somewhere else.
  53. Sometimes you can hear something when there is no actual sound. Sometimes you may feel that someone is advising you something in your ear.
  54. Clairsentition or Claircognizance is the power of the mind to know things directly without using the senses or logic. When someone simply knows what will happen in the future (A premonition or a déjà vu), or what someone else is thinking about, or what is happening in another place or something similar like what disease another person is suffering with, etc. Have you ever had any such experience, especially repeatedly?
    If you say yes to 6 or more from Numbers 55-65 then you are very Spiritual.
  55. You live by moral principles.
  56. You follow the path of Non-violence.
  57. You are Vegetarian/ Vegan.
  58. You are kind, loving and compassionate.
  59. You are non-attached and material things do not particularly motivate you.
  60. You study in-depth spiritual texts.
  61. You like to do spiritual practices.
  62. You like to pray or do mantra.
  63. You like to meditate and do similar practices.
  64. You spend time in the company of Spiritual people.
  65. You have a Guru (a spiritual teacher).
    If you say yes to any one point from 66-68 then you are on a serious Spiritual path.
  66. You spend time serving your Guru, learning at his feet and following his spiritual guidance.
  67. You have accumulated lots of spiritual knowledge and studied spiritual texts under the guidance of your Guru.
  68. You spend time alone practicing the techniques given to you by your Guru and tradition.

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