Neem (The Margosa tree)(Azadirachta Indica). Neem is a common Indian tree but today it grows in numerous countries. Has been traditionally used often in Ayurved by Ayurvedic physicians and common people alike. In ancient India, it was called “Sarva Rog Nivarini” meaning that which heals all diseases. The oil, leaves, bark, seed, root, flowers, twigs, fruit and gum are all used in medicine. Wherever the Neem tree grows, its presence reduces pests, bugs and mosquitoes. Its leaves and other parts are used in organic fertilizer and to protect the plants as a natural pesticide.  The leaves are extremely bitter in taste. Though they can be eaten raw but few dare to because it is really bitter.

Available in the markets in powder, as an oil, in tablet and in capsule form. Also available are numerous beauty products and soaps. For the average person, for medicinal use, the Extract of Neem in capsule form and Neem oil are the easiest and most practical to use.

  1. Its properties are antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-protozoan, blood purifier, detoxifier, antiulcer, antiseptic, antihistaminic, antipyretic, and immunobooster.
  2. Blood Purifier. Purifies the blood and removes toxins from the body thereby improving overall health and skin.
  3. Detoxifier: Removes toxins from the liver and the body. Almost all bitter herbs have the quality of lowering blood sugar, purifying the blood, reducing levels of toxins and boosting the immune system.
  4. Immunobooster. Boosts the overall immune system. Works well against skin infections and other viral infections including colds, flu, etc. Useful in herpes, hepatitis and other viral and fungal infections including AIDS. Also helpful in warts (HPV). Its broad spectrum of activity makes it a good immunobooster.
  5. Lowers Blood sugar hence is used to help control sugar levels in Diabetes. Is used often in anti-diabetes poly herbal medicines.
  6. Regular use helps in preventing spikes in blood sugar levels and lowers overall blood sugar level.
  7. Helps treat pimples and other skin diseases.
  8. It is an excellent herb that improves the skin tone and quality. Does both, heals patients with skin problems as well as an aid to beauty.
  9. Application of the paste of leaves(preferably fresh) as well as oil helps heal boils, eczema, ulcers, ring worms, athlete’s foot, fungal conditions, ulcers or infections in the mouth and vagina, lesions in the pubic area, herpes and other skin related infections.
  10. The oil contains quantities of natural steroids including Beta-sisterol that is used to treat enlarged prostate.
  11. Used to treat bladder and kidney ailments.
  12. It contains Omega Acid 3 that is used to treat artherosclerosis.
  13. Neem also helps in rheumatism and arthritis.
  14. It also contains Omega acids 6,9 and Linoleic acid.
  15. Traditionally Neem is used in treating Malaria and works well as an anti-parasitic agent.
  16. Neem has activity against and is used to treat encephalitis.
  17. It also has anti-tubercular properties.
  18. Acts as an antioxidant.
  19. It protects against cancer.
  20. Strengthens the nervous system.
  21. It has diuretic and spermicidal properties.
  22. It is considered to help both, men and women in birth control.
  23. It is a useful tonic for the digestive system.
  24. Neem seeds are used in reducing the level of fluoride. (Study in Ghana)
  25. Neem oil is also used for organic beauty aids in soaps, body lotions, creams, tooth-paste, etc.
  26. Two drops of Neem oil are put in the nostrils for prevention of greying and falling of hair.
  27. Traditionally, the twigs were used to brush the teeth.
  28. Regular use of Neem has a positive effect on the body; it acts as a preventive, helping maintain good health.
  29. It is used as a natural pesticide in organic farming.
  30. Neem cake is traditionally used in rice fields in India as a fertilizer and pesticide.
  31. It is used in making Bio-insecticides.
It is an eco friendly tree that helps in conservation of water, in soil fertility, and helps control pests. It grows in adverse conditions, provides green cover, attracts rain and stops the spread of desert.

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