Punarnava  (Boerhavia diffusa) Punarnava in available in the markets in syrup form as Punarnavasava and capsule form.

  1. Useful in oedematous conditions as it corrects the functioning of the kidneys.
  2. It is used in combination with other ingredients for the removal of kidney stones and maintaining kidney health. Also used in pyelonephritis.
  3. It helps in detoxifying, maintaining, and rejuvenating the Liver. Helps treat Cirrhosis and Jaundice.
  4. Used in spleenomegaly (enlargement of spleen).
  5. It works as a diuretic and is used for treating water retention (dropsy or Edema).
  6. It also tones up, helps maintain the urinary tract and is used for the male reproduction system. The seeds are used to improve erectile function as well as the quality and quantity of semen.
  7. Punar nava means to make new again, hence it helps in restoring the vigour & vitality of youth and in delaying the signs of old age.
  8. Also helps with other ingredients in rejuvenating the female reproduction system. Used to balance unusually long menstrual periods (menorrhagia) as well as dysmenorrhea.
  9. Used in treating Diarrhea, Dysentry and intestinal parasites.
  10. Helps in improving body immunity.
  11. Reduces stress.
  12. Ignites the digestive fire, improves appetite, aids in digestion and reduces abdominal pain.
  13. Helps reduce gastric ulcers.
  14. It has anti-inflammatory qualities, hence helps in gout, arthritis and joint pains as well as in Lumbago (low back ache).
  15. Useful in management of all heart diseases and acts as a heart tonic.
  16. Works as a mild laxative and hence helps treat constipation.
  17. Helps in reducing obesity by removing excess fluids.
  18. Helps in removing Mucous, treats and manages all types of cough.
  19. It is useful in Asthma and helps maintain lung function. Helps treat pleurisy.
  20. Used in treating Jaundice and general fever.
  21. Also used to treat paralysis and weakness of the nerves.
  22. Reduces blood sugar levels.
  23. Used with other ingredients in Anemia.

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