The Fallen

Posted 23rd October 2011 by Swami Muktanand Puri

People are wandering in this temporal jungle,

Lost in multiple streams of desire and lust,

Very few aspire, for higher values & the truth,

Most people just end up, stuck deeper in muck,

But with a life of good deeds, and divinity’s grace,

Meet a person, who can support and guide them across,

You saw me and came for spiritual guidance,

Thought, I would help you traverse this path,

Knew you needed help, you were covered in mud,

Washed away the mud, and away chased your ghosts,

Poured in the spiritual energy from my soul,

Made you bright with the spiritual force,

Nurtured you, groomed you, loved you,

Taught you the divine knowledge and sacred name,

Helped you remove, some of the your fears and pain,

Strong you became, and overcame your fears,

Opened up the deeper spiritual secrets of the soul,

Gave you spiritual practices and perfections for sure,

But your sincerity and commitment were shaky,

Your dedication and surrender incomplete,

Your values were trembling in the storms of desire,

While your steps were faltering, in a very selfish fire,

Came the time to be faithful & truthful,

You lied, deceived me, and blamed me instead,

In my earnestness, I believed you on all,

And questioned myself, for I wished you the world,

But then came the revelations of the higher power,

That opened your lies, like a can of worms,

For you were unsteady and full of lust,

You lacked integrity & higher consciousness,

Now due to your stinking selfish actions,

Colored with your deceit, your lies and lust,

Lost have you the divine power, I gifted you,

Along with the essence of my soul and your own,

Meant for higher consciousness, was the power I gave,

Not for such enormous lies, nor for the expansion of lust,

Tainted and fallen you now stand,

Worse off, than I found you before,

For something extremely valuable was lost,

All that I cared for, when I met and believed in you,

Innocence, trust, faith and values,

And the basic spiritual power that was yours,

Did your betrayal, do you any good?

Will these fleeting pleasures, replace what you lost?

Spilt milk will never be collected,

Nor the hands of Time, ever turn back,

Hope you understand, how your nasty decisions,

For short lived pleasures, painted you black,

And for numerous lifetimes, will now spin the wheel,

Of bondage, for a few moments of selfishness & lust,

I had picked you up from the mud,

But now you stand covered in stench and dirt,

Splashed me too, with some of that ugly stuff,

That divine spiritual connection, now is severed,

Where is that path to perfection that you took?

Is that the spiritual journey you chose?

Life and Death

Posted 31st July 2013 by Swami Muktanand Puri

Moment to moment Change, in Life and in Death.

Choose to live and be alive; or live life dead.

Flip the coin; which path does it show?

Sometimes to life; at others to death.

Play your game and see which way it goes?

Some bury the living; others spend life, loving the dead.

Soar into the skies, trying to kiss the stars,

People can hurt the living, while often pray to the dead.

Is life the high, that can go beyond the rainbow?

Or is it the paleness, beyond the moonless night?

Streaks of lightning, waves of sounds, ideas in the head,

Darkness and quiet, solitude and sweet death,

Are you gaining consciousness or are you wasting life?

Time is never wasted; it wastes you instead.

Is living a passage, into the realms, of beyond the death?

Is change the moment or is the moment changing, in life, beyond death?

Can we catch the moment, before it ticks by?

In that moment caught, is perfection, brilliance, and joy.