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Psychotropic Weapons


NOTE: The article is enough to shake most people into a state of alert wakefulness. This particular article has NOT been written by me, however before the article I have given an introduction with some background information, as well as, after the article I have given some comments. This article is a translation from an article in Russian that is freely available on the web. During the translation, I have tried to keep as closely as possible, to the original text as well as to maintain the flavor of the Russian language.


With the collapse of the Soviet Union many persons who specialized in different specialized fields of knowledge were left without work. Many others chose to leave the government. Some of these people, having no other means, over a period of time, taught or sold their knowledge to others, in some cases governments, in others to individuals. Many special arts were created during the Soviet Regime such as Sambo, the martial art that was in 1938 declared as a sport by the Soviet regime, but it was meant specifically for military use. However, the best specialists were not available to the general public who were not taught this martial art. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, these specialists were free to teach the general public and thus the deadlier variations became available to the public. This article speaks of a similar destructive and manipulative mental science. It would have been close to the development of certain spiritual qualities if it were not for the fact that it is destructive and manipulative. But then, some similar techniques have existed in many spiritual schools too, often used for the benefit of mankind as well as to explore the dimensions of the mind. The difference in the traditional spiritual practices and these new systems is that the spiritual sciences well knowing these techniques were god loving and seek to uplift the consciousness, whereas these modern systems can only reduce the mind to manipulation, destruction and attempts to control others. The ancient systems are tried and tested systems, while these new systems are not.

The purported author of this article is a Russian by the name of Dimitri Verishagin. As with all things in Russia, especially of this type, there is a lot of secrecy and fear that surrounds it, yet, it is freely available on the net. Another person tried to investigate the origin and the authenticity of this article, but could not locate any of these four persons. This leads me to believe that the names were merely a front for some individual/s who did not want to, very understandably, attract attention. Though the author may not have been authenticated, yet it is my understanding that what is written in this article apart from the names of persons is accurate perhaps even chillingly real. DEIR is a system that is taught openly in Russia as well as in Canada, perhaps in the U.S. too in closed circles. As you will understand it is not meant for everyone even though that was the aim.

The article itself is divided into two parts. The first larger part that relates to Psychotropic weapons and the other smaller part that is about DEIR, is really very little.
You must wonder what this article is doing on the website of a Hindu Monk. And even more than that, why did I publish it even though I maintain that the authenticity or the origin of this article cannot be verified. Among other things, I believe that it is time for the world to realize some truths and yet perhaps for many, to have access to information. The last many years have revealed to me secrets and insights into this world unlike what I could have ever expected. Often, whatever we see or hear in the real world is not the truth but is a manipulation by those in power. The world has become divided into four kinds of people. These are: the lions – those who believe that it is their right to hunt and grab what they want, the wolves who are the servants of the lions, the sheep are those who believe in decency and kindness and the fourth, the plain stupid. The manipulation ranges from the Financial and the Political to all other forms but these two are the essence of what the lions seek. Life, death, decency, humaneness are all lost in this journey on the edge of the sharp blade of power and wealth. It is often very amusing to see a Lion stand in front of a monk with folded hands in the constipated pretence of trying to act like the devoted sheep, but the stench of meat remains in the air giving away the beast.

For the most part, the world does not understand spiritual persons.  Generally, the better spiritual persons are clearly focused, in touch with the real world, often, with access to deeper insights into the social, political and economic structures of this world. Today, a large number of spiritual persons have a scientific background as well as modern education. Additionally, most of these persons are gifted with certain special abilities ranging from extrasensory perception, deeper intuition, quicker ability to learn, a focused mind, as well as other special abilities. One can in simple words, say that they posses something in addition to the average human being. History and real life both will prove this easily. Historically, religion has had a large say in the political affairs of the world, especially in Christianity. But then, let us not confuse religion with spirituality. Sometimes, some part, perhaps a large part of the world sees spiritual persons as disturbed, hallucinating, fanatic, even aimless and in general distanced from the real world. In reality, though, that may be the case with many spiritual persons but it is not true for all spiritual persons. But in today’s world this interesting mix of spirituality, science, changing social norms, new financial and political institutions makes a very interesting and somewhat unpredictable cocktail.

This article in a clear way is about the development and use of these special abilities for destructive purposes. Often, this misuse is by those in power, for, to sell a part of your soul for material gains, in today’s modern world is termed as maturity. As for these methods, all I can say is that these methods and abilities are very real and are often used by those in power.

Also in existence are other groups that have learned some techniques and are mistakenly using it to manipulate others, often with a misplaced sense of national pride. Having said that, I assume that the reader is smart enough to understand the unsaid.

One may have to read this article more than once to let the details and dimensions register. Possibly those persons who have tangled with such situations may be the ones who may fully understand as well as appreciate this article. The Article follows:

History of DEIR
The story of DEIR (Dalheishovo energoinformatsionnogo rasvitiya) (Progress through an advanced system of information from (mental) energy) started in 1982. I was in my cabinet in the administrative wing of the research complex in the military city then known as Sverdlovsk near Ekaterinburg (Siberia). At that time a corporal by the name of Peter Keldorovski who was a Psychic walked into my cubicle and asked me if I was open to getting rid the project that my group had being working on.  I had my own reasons to consider his offer and these reasons were connected with the events linked with the project that we were working on.

Now, it is easier to talk about this then in those times, but even now I feel inexplicable tremors, when I write on this piece of paper, the words ‘Psychotropic Weapons’. This was the project of my group that was considered as half serious in the opinions of the orthodox military establishment and that is why, it was not closed to all the possibilities (vagaries or attacks) of the vultures (scavengers) seeking to act legally (against the project), (though I know that there was another group, that was working in Moscow on an analogous project surrounded by extreme secrecy, the details of which I do not know). What are ‘Psychotropic weapons’? It is now an officially closed project-No SS 0709 ‘Friendship (Druzhba)’. On Hearsay, many have written a lot (about these Psychotropic weapons) including the venerable Psychic and Hypnotist ‘Candebe’ as well as many other authors of popular articles. The purpose of the project was that a focused action of a Psychic (or a group of Psychics) can affect the mind of an Individual or a group of people thereby causing a change in their consciousness, which in turn will change their behavior. For example, if an Eastern Dictator had to engage in talks with the neighbor and he were to get continuous headaches (or dizziness), obviously the talks would not be completed or will not bring the desired results. If that very same dictator were to feel aggression or insult, then, the results of the talks will be exactly the opposite. If a fighter pilot were to fall asleep while flying; it is understood that nothing good will happen. In a critical moment if the head of a government were to be in a non decisive state of mind, and at the same time, the actions of the opposition also do not invoke confidence or the ability to succeed, then, obviously the government will go to a third party. Apart from that, a directed effort by a group of Psychics belonging to the national security or the defense and law enforcement agencies may cause, shall we say, a heart attack to the aged head of a government or stimulate cancer in a younger person. And what can a Psychic with Telekinetic abilities do to an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile? Oh, and such simple things, such as to create an atmosphere of confusion or hatred in the family of a governmental head with the aim of distracting his attention from more important problems, one needn’t explain. A Laboratory that deals with Psychic programs exists in every nation and is an integral part of the institutions that are used in reconnaissance and sabotage.

That this was the kind of work being done by my group when Keldorovski visited me. I was already tired of this project, that candidly speaking, had been dragging on, at the behest of the Party and the administration for many years. Not only  and not so much because I felt any hesitation for moral reasons – I even then believed that, and today as well, remain convinced, that our country (Russia) is under constant pressure from other nations, who instinctively fear the strength of Russians. The country – so that it was not plundered and made into a (rough appendage) subservient nation, needed to be defended. No, I was tired due to an entirely different problem:  working with utterly imbalanced persons – natural psychics (If you could only see the hysterics that everyday - shook this group of Psychics), secondly, the constant pressure from the analogous group of adversaries (The constant headaches, inexplicable and unpleasant incidents, constant appraisal of the readiness of the Psychics, holding the defense……). Yes and the project had stopped developing. From us were expected quick results, while we needed long and systematic analysis. In short, Peter already knew my answer. I wanted to leave the Project ‘Druzhba’ (Friendship). I accepted the proposal to head the administrative part of the new project. After handing over, sending containers to the new place, the allowed (work) leave, that I rarely got which I took with great pleasure, and additionally- no problems related to the job!  -- I began the tasks at hand on the new job in a village near Novosibirsk.

The new project was called ‘Pastir’ (Pastor) and had been undertaken on the demand of none less than the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Soviet Union. The whole concept of the project had been written on less than a few tens of sheets – stunningly summarized in comparison to the hundreds of files of Project ‘Druzhba’ and this lead to the following.

In terms of the falling patriotism of the Soviet people, the party leadership was anxious in resolving the problem of who to promote from within its ranks as the leader. This could have corrected the situation – A person like Stalin, Lenin or Hitler, who affected and controlled the masses not because of their posts, but due to personal charisma, could have been capable of uniting the country. Of course, it would help if the other organizers (officers and ministers) were strong, were able to penetrate the very soul of the people, and whose orders would be impossible to ignore. Yes, this could correct the situation in the country and re-establish the cracked authority of the party.

Included in our assignment was to work out a system of sessions (consultations or classes), with the help of which one person would be able to manage (control) many persons – but in such a way, so that nothing was suspect. In principle, the assignment was entirely doable and did not differ very much from the assignment- project “Druzhba”. Practically, anybody from my last project was capable of applying such techniques in practice (perhaps, except the single skilled pure clairvoyants), but none of them belonged to the upper echelon of the communist party. And in such a way our assignment was to create a set of a system of sessions that were available to anybody, even an undeveloped person who had an average or a weak energetics (mental). This was certainly a difficult task but definitely one that was not impossible.

Soon I was introduced to the other members of our group – Alexei Grishak, a short bald person, distinct due to his stable as well as calm disposition and his magnificient telepathic abilities, and Sergei Desmentsov, a high class Ukrainian, and amongst the best in the entire Union with excellent indicators (visions) of clairvoyance and very promising in the field of extrasensory perception as well as having a very strong and high energy. In this way, there were four of us- I, Peter Keldorovski, Alexei Grishak, and Sergei Desmentsov. I want that you should remember the names of these people, because they were the first. They created the system DEIR-Dalheishovo energoinformatsionnogo rasvitiya or Progress through an advanced system of information from (mental) energy. Remember them.

I won't tire you with all the events that happened with us during the development of the project. Many high ranking officers who tested us came and went away. Many long researches were conducted and many studies done on thousands of possibilities. The system gradually evolved into a complete form. But not everything that we were able to develop, became the subject of demonstration to the representatives of the client. We were forced to test all that we had developed on ourselves. So that the procedures of directing (controlling) others become effective, a person must strengthen his/her own (mental) energy. But this cannot be achieved unless once and for all, the influence of others on one is not completely removed—that is to make yourself free from all control. We passed through this step and only later realised the impact of what we had done, we had made an extremely dangerous political move; after all in our society, there is no place for freedom.

So that everything went according to plan, we had to insure against conflicting impulses in the subconscious and we worked out within ourselves and located a program (code) of health and good fortune.
Completely in keeping with the expectations of the client we created a system to control other people that instantly became an inherent part of the new learners.
The program could already be submitted but we dragged on, well understanding that this (submitting the project) would be the equivalent of suicide, we had already excelled in individual development. This would become visible to the client, and worst of all, to anyone who was learning this management (we had not yet thought up the name DEIR).

On the initiative of Keldorovski we introduced in the project elements of lengthening the life span as well as maintaining health. We were motivated by the pursuit of excellence, the solutions for the maintenance of health when one is able to control and direct one’s own energy is so elementary, that none of the initiated took this seriously. But we focussed on those unprepared persons who would use the system after us. We have developed and researched the system of sessions that give personal magnetism and charisma, which in turn forces ordinary people to become subjugated.
Keldorovski with Desmentsov separately developed a system to enhance the spiritual energy and faith as a tool to manage, not human beings but the world of phenomena, surrounding us. When Grishak joined them, they in this perfection, added sessions (an additional training module) for life after death.
Therefore the project already existed in a broad form; but its development had not quite taken the form that had been ordered by the client. In 1988, the system DEIR was entirely complete in the form in which we present it to you.

In the mean time, the political situation in the country was changing every day. One after the other, many political heads changed; Brezhnev, Andropov and Chernenko, then came Gorbachev, and perestroika (restructuring) was declared. The authoritativeness and controls became weak and we felt a loosening of the controls. We stopped feeling pressure and danger to ourselves and decided to announce the completion of the project in 1989.

The acceptance of the project was somewhat cold, but in the same year we conducted a course with some pretty famous people who are now often seen on TV screens. The shroud of secrecy surrounding the project was removed, and among the students were many ordinary persons. It is interesting to note that people only went through the course of management (to control others and increase their own power to influence others). None wanted to learn the entire training program.

Then, in 1992, everything calmed down. Keldorovski and I requested our resignation. There began our misfortune. I was the first to recognise that we were under the attack of Psychotropic weapons that were being used with devilish perfection and enormous staggering force. Peter died of heart attack, and in 1994 cancer took Alexei Grishak to the grave. But none the less we were allowed to leave. We were helped by the techniques of defence that we had developed, we were able to withstand the kind of attacks that not one unprepared person could have withstood. Sergei Desmentsov taking advantage of the strife and civil war on the territories of the former Soviet Union was able to move to America…… But I remained behind, because I could not leave my home country. However, people, I rarely meet.

Apart from that, I am left with one other task. Once, when we fully realized the depth of the system DEIR that we had created, we understood that this knowledge was much too valuable to lose; we exchanged the power to allow any one of us to act on behalf of the remaining persons. We could not possibly allow the discovered knowledge that has the possibility of giving hope to all of humankind, to die along with us.
Those who know our students receive hope. They will become free and be healthy. They will live longer than ordinary people, and will court good fortune. They will be able to do that which cannot be done by an ordinary human being.
Wish you good luck
Dimitri Verishagin on my behalf and on behalf of Peter Keldorovski, Alexei Grishak, and Sergei Desmentsov.

Further Comments:
In the usual sense of spiritual practices one works to develop the mind towards higher consciousness however in the modern world, those in power as well as the average man have lost the sense of right thinking. All thinking seems to have converted into a drive to chase and fulfill one’s desires, for Power, Money and Sex. All else is unimportant. What was meant to be divine and a search for liberation have instead turned into a monster that will only harm humanity in the end. My comments follow:   

  1. The name ‘Candebe’ in a search on the internet in Russian did not yield any results.
  2. The second paragraph where he mentions the use of psychic force is extremely accurate, but it does not mention all the possibilities, some of which are encountered. Here he speaks of 
    • Change in Consciousness
    • Headaches and dizziness
    • Feeling of aggression or insult
    • Giving a heart attack
    • Stimulating Cancer
    • Creating confusion or hatred
    • Telekinetics- changing the course of an ICBM.
    • That all nations posses psychic defense departments.
  3. In reality, the average person cannot defend them self against these attacks. Here one must add that these are some other psychotropic possibilities that are often encountered.
    • Creating thoughts in keeping with a different belief away from one’s beliefs.
    • Pain in the abdominal region especially the Solar plexus.
    • Pain in the genital region with a feeling of infection.
    • Attacks on the chakras with an aim to weaken the mind of the subject.
    • Creating pain in the region of the heart.
    • Attacks during sleep in the in-between states and additionally by psychic entities.
    • Trying to attack the mental body leading to pain in the body through means similar to voodoo dolls.
    • Pure psychic attacks in terms of blows.
    • Constant and deep creation of hatred in the subject to prevent the person from any normal function, resulting in the person spoiling relationships with others.
    • Action on other persons associated with the subject with the same objective.
    • Continuous occurrence of unpleasant incidents, accidents, falls, etc.
    • Affecting the financial situation of the target with attempts to destroy financial stability, growth, as well as wealth.
    •  Destruction of personal relationships.
    • Temporary loss of mind of the targets friends, and relatives; as well as the targets friends turning against them.
    • Freezing of all emotions of the target.
    • Appearance and attacks of subtle entities on the target continuously.
    • Death of the individual target.
  4. He comments “So that the procedures of directing (controlling) others become effective, a person must strengthen his/her own (mental) energy.” Though he speaks in the sense of removing controls yet he touches on the basic rule that the stronger the energetics, the better the effect. In simple words this is what all spiritual sciences say except that the aim is self realization and not destruction.
  5. He says “we had to insure against conflicting impulses in the subconscious and we worked out within ourselves and located a program (code) of health and good fortune.” From all that I have learnt, I would say that this is a very tall order. Later he says that “There began our misfortune.” If at all that code was excellent then there would have been no misfortune. So the code basically failed. As they say in Martial arts “Violence has a shadow. It will come back to haunt you.” And in this case it seems very true.
  6. It should also be pointed out that this program or code for health is another failure. In Russia there are special programs offered to the general public that offer to codify one’s brain so that a person will remain slim. I have come across such persons and helped to heal them too. Usually this code works for a month or two and then converts the person into an animal. It has some such effect that it disturbs the mental well being of the individual leaving them in a bad situation. In one case where an elderly lady and her middle aged son used this codification, for  one month they lost weight, after which the effect was that they both became nervous wrecks and would be disturbed by the smallest events. The blood vessels on their arms and feet would burst on their own leaving blue spots all over the skin. They also complained of problems with their liver and kidneys. The son complained that he had become sexually dysfunctional and gained back the weight. Their problems were almost identical and long lasting.
  7. Today many major Multinational Corporations in the world are using various different psychological techniques to manipulate the consciousness of the general public by influencing their buying decisions as well as to control employees. Some techniques are not as far away from all this as one may imagine or would like.
  8. As you will observe the author says “A Laboratory that deals with Psychic programs exists in every nation and is an integral part of the institutions that are used in reconnaissance and sabotage.” In short he is saying that all nations especially western have special cells that run psychic programs.
  9. To bring this discussion to India and I know many people will be very surprised to hear this, as well as others may call me a crank, but in my opinion people must be informed. So in the recent few years four well known politicians in India have died in accidents, while one person who had tried to become the head of the ruling party suffered a paralytic stroke and remains somewhat disfigured to this day. All these four were politicians, who had very serious possibilities of becoming the Prime Minister of India. Apart from my personal opinion, I have heard the opinions of other persons, spiritual as well as in political circles, who have concluded the same, that these deaths were caused by certain specific international agencies (and I do not point toward Russia) with the sole aim of making one particular person the future Prime Minister of India by proxy, as he would remain the sole surviving person in line for the seat of the Prime Minister.

This very much sums up this article. Here it is rather important to point out that most traditional systems have been tried and tested over a period of hundreds of years if not thousands as is the case with the yoga and Hindu traditions. Therefore it would be prudent to be extremely careful with a new system if you ever were to consider learning it, for unlike the physical world where the rules are understandable, in the mental world they may be unclear.

As a Sannyasi I would plead with people to stop such misuse of their mental and spiritual powers as this will only lead to misfortune. Please remember that Malice has a stench that is difficult to hide whereas Divinity has a fragrance that permeates the space around us making others and ourselves feel divine.

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