Often we look upon ourselves with a certain perspective. It may be an image created within our own minds or the installation of a set of values, even some kind of learning, perhaps some profession that we use to survive in this world. I may look upon myself and say “I am nice and kind” or that “I am tough and hardworking” and so on. Perhaps the values we have belong to our parents, teachers, friends, associates and again our profession. Some of us say “I am a doctor or a lawyer” or whatever it is that we choose to be. Isn’t it is we who choose what to be or what to become? Of course there exists the Law of Karma. We set out to be a doctor and ended up being a Researcher instead. Yet like a computer the program we install is the program that runs. Life is a continuous process, changing moment to moment, only change is the permanent within the impermanent. So there is a yesterday and a tomorrow. It was that yesterday that made our today. Wasn’t it the factor ‘X’ that was queer? It changed the pitch to make a doctor to be, a researcher instead. Is the program now running the best for us? Did we choose it or does life lead us on a path with a mind of its own? Does death exist? For change is continuous. Change while we Live and change while we Die and change as we Become and change, as a stream.
Our identity, are we the makers of our tomorrow? And today? Are you the professional or the kindhearted or the brave? Yesterday you were the sales manager, today the marketing manager. Or perhaps a share broker and today an industrialist. Which were you?
Samkhya speaks of the Ahamkara, a collective identification. Ah, but we live in an identity today. Is it confused (Vivartavada) or superimposed (Parinamavada)? Kashmir Shaivism speaks of an individual prakriti with each Purusa. Ahamkara. An imposition or a colouring. A hue we choose. A hue that is formed. And when we sleep? Are we male or Female?
Did ‘time’ do a loop? Is it a continuum? Or parallels exist?  Did it bind us? Ma Kali set us free.
Whatever happened to Casa? Akuti?  Can it be Medha? And eventually Ritambhara? Seek out Saraswati. And is the answer with her or are you a particle of that divine intelligence, of Buddhi, the primordial intelligence?
Where does love come from? Isn’t it what you have? Did you love the sweet little child because of someone else? Or that beautiful person you fell in love at first sight! What was that? If love and compassion must reside within you so must intelligence and knowledge. For everything that you know is but a reflection of divine intelligence.
You have loved with the body, but can you love only with the mind. Pure infinite love. And you speak to say what you must, but to do it silently, mind to mind.
Feel the flow of the divine, for each one of us is but a particle in the chidakash of him, who is permanent. A cosmic game, a comic game, a game of love, a sport for intelligence. An expression of joy.
Guru. ‘Ga’ is Gaman or movement, ‘U’ is bestower of supreme power, ‘Ra’ is the seed of Fire, of Rudra, ‘Ru’ from ‘ruk’ meaning disease and ‘Dra’ from ‘drav’ meaning dissolver. Hence Guru is he who creates a movement within the mind by bestowing grace to remove from within us the ills of Ahamkara or identification within duality that afflict the limited mind by melting the limitations to make us a reflection of Paramshiva, the divine mother Tripura Sundari, Lalita, Brahma, Buddha, Christ, Allah, and all the similar names.
Home, Sweet Home. Where there is no time, no past, no present, no future. To be deathless and eternal. Complete and Full. And love rules. Knowledge reigns and intelligence  is. To exist in omnipresence. All Powerful. Lights bright. The source of all.

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