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Swami Muktanand Puri was born in 1967 in the holy city of Allahabad in India. His Guru from his previous birth, a well known Sannyasi (Hindu monk) by the name of Swami Krishnanand Ashram recognized him and blessed him through his spiritual powers. Swami Krishnanand Ashram was popularly called Swami Krishnanand Bambaiwale and was the Disciple of Swami Poornanand Tirth popularly known as Odiya Baba, a luminary of his time. Swami Krishanand Ashram also predicted that Swami Muktanand would later become a monk. As a child, his parents would sometimes catch him trying to meditate and he also loved to and would spend time chanting the mantra along with others.


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15-16th April Akhand Ramayan Patt from 15th April 1pm to 16th April 1pm. On 16th April a Bhandara (Feast) will be given. All are invited and welcome. yoga classes
15-16th April

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7 steps to deepen your Spirituality

1. Be Humble: Try to develop an attitude of humility. Look upon all your achievements as the grace of God and on all your faults as your shortcomings that you need to improve.
2. Respect People: When you look at people....


Yarsa Gumba (Cordyceps)

Yarsa Gumba, Yarcha Gumba is an interesting combination of the plant and animal kingdom. At the height of above 14,000 feet, in the Himalayas, is found this fungus (Mushroom) Yarsa Gumba that grows wild in these Himalayan..



Moment to moment Change, in Life and in Death. Choose to live and be alive; or live life dead.
Flip the coin; which path does it show?
Sometimes to life; at others to death...
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